Benefits Of Swimming

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Swimming is a low-impact activity which can keep you healthy and fit. All you would need is a swimming suit and a pair of goggles to start your swimming classes. Swimming has been adopted by people with arthritis, weight issues, as it is a low-impact activity that can keep you fit for a lifetime.
Swimming is an aerobic activity which can be performed for long durations. It is suitable for both young and old, especially for those who find land exercises stressful. Many people find swimming to be relaxing exercise which helps them to stay fit. After few days of starting swimmming, you can find several benefits such as increased flexibitliy, weight loss, and increased muscle tone.

Everyone loves swimming if seen in view of sports but had you ever came to know about its benefits in our daily life. Alot of people may not be familiar with its benefits and enjoy swimming only as a sport but swimming is a great exercise for the whole body that provides lifetime health benefits.
Benefits of swimming :-
1. Swimming helps in removing dirt, bacteria and other micro-organisms from your skin pores thus preventing the origin of acne and pimples on your skin.
2. While doing stroke swimming breath is to be held for sometime which proves to be an excellent exercise for lungs as it increases lung capacity further helping in prevention of disease like asthma.
3. Swimming requires much more workout of the body muscles burning about 8 calories per minute of our body resulting in significant body weight loss.
4. Swimming is a great exercise for the whole body as it requires workout of each and every body muscle thus providing great strength to the cardiovascular system of your body.
5. Regular swimming prevents your body from joint pains in later stages of life.Moreover it provides relaxation to your mind and relief from stress.
6. Risk of any heart disease and stoke can be reduced by as it reduces the chorestrol levels and helps in lowering blood pressure of the body.
7. Swimming also helps an athlete to maintain his/her fitness level. When an athlete is injured, He/She is often told to swim because muscles have to work hard due to the resistance of the water without experiencing the pain being experienced on the land.

Instead of only health benefits, many people use swimming for developing other qualities like time management , sportsmanship, teamwork or team spirit, goal-setting etc. One should know that while swimming he/she should not consider the distance or the speed, it’s the time you spend on swimming that matters. So start swimming regularly to gain profit of the lifetime health benefits of swimming.

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