Complete View On Graphic Card

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When anyone ask u wats ur graphic card memory ?
Many of us put a blank face and we dont even know about it well.
There are two types of graphic card 
  • Integrated graphic card
  • Dedicated graphic card
If the graphic card is integrated with the motherboard itself it is called integrated graphic card.
If we add a graphic card to a empty slot in the motherboard it is called dedicated graphic card which we call it as external graphic card.
When we buy a new computer we will be in a confusion to have an integrated or a dedicated graphic card.
Integrated graphic card is sufficient for those who use computer just for managing documents, making presentation and some games which does require low end graphics.
Dedicated graphic card is for the ones who are serious gamers and for those who edit videos and for multimedia purposes.

Integrated graphic card uses memory in the RAM which may slow down your computer but dedicated graphic card uses its own memory and leaves the memory in RAM for processes of operating system.

The only disadvantage with the dedicated graphic card is its too costly .It costs around 100$ if u want nvdia or ATI graphic card.

If u dont want to spend that much, here is an option of buying a new computer with motherboard which has capability to extend to dedicated graphic card.

Now I think you have clear cut information about graphic card ?

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