Dont Store Passwords in Browsers

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The common thing we do is we store our password in firefox.
When we log in to a website firefox asks us to remember our password for that particular site so that u need not enter them again when u need to log in that particular site.
When u click on remember ur passwords are stored in a file

Your passwords are stored in two different files (in the Firefox user's "Profiles" folder), both of which are required:

* key3.db - This file stores your key database for your passwords. To transfer saved passwords you must copy this file along with one of the following files:
* signons.txt - Saved passwords in Firefox and
or signons2.txt - Saved passwords in Firefox and above.

If u had stored password in ur browser ur password are insecure
Any hacker can access them
lol no need to go for a hacker
when ur friend is accessing ur computer he can even view ur password by opening
tools (menu) >Options > Security (tab) > Saved Password > Show Passwords

Thats it!!
Wasn't it simple????

So my appeal is to remember ur password and type them whenever u nedd and do not store them. :-)

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