Windows XP 7 Ultimate Royale SP3 (2010 )

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This version of xp 7 is integrated with Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 11 version and enjoy the beauty and stability can only be described Advise all about the experience of the acquisition of this version of beauty and great shape, which is a masterpiece by the programmers.Operating System: Windows XP Sevice Pack 3 x86 (32 bit)

Pack 3 x86 (32 bit)
Support SATA: Yes.
Support RAID: Yes.
SCSI support: Yes.
Auto drivers get: Yes - SkyDriver v9.9.
Internet Explorer 8: Yes
Windows Media Player 11: Yes
Hotfixes: Yes (updated to March 2010)
Update online: Yes.
CD Key: Already available add.

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