How Secure Is Your Password?

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It has become very easy for the hackers to hack your password.
Do u know how secure and strong ur password is?
Now-a-days using advanced algorithms developed it is very easy to hack your password within hours. Hours is not a big time. Expect ur password is hacked and the hacker is logged into ur account and been playing with ur account. He can even get u caught to the police doing some disguisting things with ur account.
So its very important to secure ur password. It is easy only when ur password is strong.

Check how strong is ur password here is providing a free service to check how strong is ur password and we can also see how much time will it take to break ur password

How to choose a good and strong password.
  •  Use at least eight characters.
  •  Use number and special characters like , . / ] [. This is the best thing which makes ur password very much stronger.
  •  Don't use a word found in a dictionary, English or foreign.
And one more important thing is dont share ur password with anyone. ANYONE. I mean it. When u are logging into site in ur friends computer dont tell him ur password. He may be ur friend but NO NO NO.
And latest browsers come with an option to save ur password for further simpler log ins. Don't do it.

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