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Many of us dont know how to download files using torrent client and sites so here is a quick tutorial.

1) First u need to download a torrent client. They are software which help you to download files from torrent sites the most popular ones are:



Both are good you can chose which you want install it.

2) Go to any torrent sites.
My favourites are: PiratebayMininova and Isohunt.

or you can just search on google - type the name of the file you want and just add "torrent" after the files name.

on the website you will find a tab named "download the torrent" or "download the torrent file" click on it and download it.

3) Open the file with your torrent client and wait till its 100% downloaded.

4) After its downloaded Right click -> Open ! Enjoy

1> Always chose torrents with maximum numbers of seeds which are indicated on the site more the seeds more is the downloading speed.

2> Always read the comments posted by other down-loaders you can get very important information about the file you want to download.

3> When your download has completed 100%, you will become a seeder and start uploading for other users.

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